T-shirts have become more than just a comfortable fashion staple; they are a way to express ourselves. In an oft depersonalized world, the graphic tee defines us, establishing our individuality and announcing to the world who we are and what we believe in, our likes and our dislikes. Like a walking billboard, the T-shirt is a personal advertisement that can draw like-minded people to you, show support for a cause or group you are passionate about, raise awareness of social issues, or just put a smile on the face of anyone who reads it.

T-shirts are a powerful communication tool, something that companies, charities and other organizations have long recognized. Having their product logo, name or quote on a T-shirt is great, low cost publicity and many of them give away free promotional T-shirts. When you choose to wear one of their tees, what the organization stands for reflects on you, so make sure that theirs is a message or a product you truly want to promote.

When it comes to band T-shirts, they reveal your musical tastes and your level of sophistication. Only young, novice fans immediately don the tee they have just bought at a concert or gig; definitely a fashion faux pas. However, wearing a T-shirt from one of the band’s previous tours is considered a status symbol, showing that you have long been a fan of the band. The older the shirt, the greater the prestige when you wear it to the band’s latest concert. Even wearing a T-shirt from another band is seen as preferable. So if you want your choice of T-shirt to enhance your image among fellow music lovers, dig those old band tees out of the back of your closet and wear them with pride.

If you choose to wear T-shirts emblazoned with moral or political messages, be prepared to defend your opinions. These tend to be the most controversial of the graphic tees and signify that you are someone who is willing and able to standup for their beliefs. They will attract not only those who agree with you, but will also garner the attention of those that are strongly opposed to your point of view. Be prepared to be challenged. These tees are not for the faint of heart.

Humourous T-shirts tell the world that you are light-hearted, have a sense of the absurd and don’t take life too seriously. Wearing funny tees is a great way to meet people as they tend to attract positive attention and spark conversation. And you never know when your shirt just might make someone else’s day. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine.

If you want others to recognize your intellectual prowess, geek chic T-shirts are a great option for you. Tees printed with complex mathematical equations and obscure scientific references signal to other members of the geek sub-culture that you are one of them. Wearing a T-shirt that only another geek can understand is a status symbol.

The great thing about T-shirts is that you can sport a different message everyday. So let the world get to know you by wearing tees that express your unique perspective.

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