If you are looking for some unique gift ideas you should consider offering a handmade pencil drawing.

These gifts can be offered on any occasion and they will be appreciated and loved for sure because they are beautiful pieces of art.

handmade pencil drawing

I got one made after an image where me and my friends laid on the beach. I plan to offer it to my friends when I will meet them. It is really fun to see how you look in a drawing done in pencil and charcoal.

To get a gift like this one it is simple. First you should find the artist’s site which offers the drawing service (I got the one for my friends from www.PencilOnPaper.com) after that you should send an email with the photo. The artist will make the drawing and send you the work of art that will last a lifetime.

Tip you can even get a free drawing. There is a Facebook contest where you can win a portrait drawn for free.  For details visit this page.