The era of standalone GPS devices is going to its crossroad. At this crossroad GPS will meet its nemesis-GPS app! Standalone GPS will manage to survive this collision and it will continue the rocky road into the future, trying to maintain its position in the world of navigation, but GPS apps will take over the majority of the market.

GPS apps gifts

Everyone who is out there, searching for the beauties and adventures of unknown regions of our beautiful blue planet, was lost at least once, wondering on which turn have he/she made a mistake. For this reason having a GPS app stored in your Smartphone is something that will both save your time and money.

Better than a wrapped-up gift

If you happen to have friends or relatives in love with travel you should think about surprising them with useful piece of technology-GPS app. Like this, you will definitely get them what they need and you can bet you will offer an original gift. Another good thing is that they will “carry” your gift around in their pockets and every time they decide to use it they will remember you.

There is only one downside of buying this app, and this is the fact that if used in car (during the travel) you may need a phone holder to keep the phone at the place where it fits your eyesight the best, and a phone charger because this app sucks the energy out of the phone in a few hours time. But heck, you bought the app; someone else can deliver the hardware.

Which one to choose?

Market of the GPS apps is still growing and developing. Different developers offer different options. Some are great and some are not even worth trying. Besides this, before you make a final decision on which app you will purchase, have in mind that not all of them offer the same solutions.

  • Let’s start with TomTom. Is there anyone out there that hasn’t heard of this awesome navigator? It was my favorite standalone GPS and I must say that I am also thinking about buying this one from App store. It will take you where you wanted to be taken and it will make no mistakes (that’s all we need from a quality GPS), but there will be one thing that may annoy someone and it is the last thing you need from a gift you offer. Every time the TomTom updates its data you will lose all of your favorites.
  • No matter if your buddy that adores traveling is having a birthday or not you can think about buying him Where to Go-Pro. It is so low-priced that you don’t need an excuse to offer a gift. For $2.99 you will be remembered as a best friend because this app offers so much for any avid traveler. No matter if he/she likes city or outdoors, there is a little bit of everything for everybody. For hardcore adventurers there is one great option. Shake an iPhone for suggestion on where to go.
  • Garmin– The name said it all. But the price behind this app may put your decision on hold since this is one of the most expensive GPS apps on the market. On the other hand this is something that can definitely be offered as a nice gift (having in mind both price and quality). Using Garmin on your iPhone is the same as having it as a standalone GPS with a lot of extra features. This means that you will be voice-prompted, you will have voice on every corner, you will have real-time traffic alerts, app is connected with Facebook, Wikipedia and Foursquare locations, multi-tasking allowed, weather forecast etc…

These are just tree options to think about if you decide to offer a gift to travelers. Before deciding which app to choose, remember that you should think about the personality of the traveler. Is he/she somebody that likes adventure or city sightseeing? The choice should be adapted to the one that is going to use the app not you.

Author Byline

The article is written by Jason Phillips; an eminent blogger, versatile writer and motivated human being. His interest primarily leans in technology and gadgets.