The gift idea is to offer a cool Voice Interactive Alarm Clock as Easter gift.

This gift idea is for someone who can’t get up in the morning or is allways late. 
Also it can be offered as a present to people obsess by time and time

The Voice Interactive Alarm Clock responds to voice commands using advanced speech recognition technology, and it allows you to record voice messages for use in place of the unpleasant buzzers found in common alarm clocks.

Unusual Esater gift idea Voice Interactive Alarm Clock 3

The voice activation is prompted by the trigger phrase, “Alarm Clock,” enabling you to hear the current time, listen to recorded memos, turn on the night light function, and find out how many alarms are set using the following voice commands; “What time is it,” “Play Memo,” “Night Light,” or “Any Alarms.”

The snooze function is activated without requiring the use of the trigger phrase by saying “Snooze,” ensuring 10 more minutes of sleep.

The easy to read LCD shows the time and day of the week, and is backlit for
optimal view day or night.

The alarm clock can be programmed to turn on a television instead of sounding an audible alarm.

This new gadget is available on for $59.95.

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