Unusual gift idea – Alarm cloks

Here is a great idea for a sleepy friend: an alarm clock.
If your friends like to sleep and can’t get up in the morning here are 5 unusual alarm clocks that you can offer as a gift.

1. La Crosse Technology WT-5120U Projection Alarm Clock with Outdoor Temperature

La Crosse Technology WT-5120U Projection Alarm Clock with Outdoor Temperature

Along with its time alarm and snooze function, this advanced alarm clock offers a wide range of useful information in an organized format on its large LCD display. The unit provides the indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor humidity level, and the time of day (hour, minute, and second). The radio-controlled time and date is set by the U.S. atomic clock, automatically updating for Daylight Saving Time (with an “on/off” option). For exceptional convenience, the unique gadget projects the time and outdoor temperature, alternating, in easy-to-read numbers onto walls or ceilings. Users can even rotate the projection arm by 90 degrees and adjust intensity for the best possible viewing. Other features include time-zone setting, manual time setting, and automatic projection focus. The wireless sensor runs on two AA batteries, and the clock can operate from the included AC adapter or two backup AA batteries. Compact enough for any bedroom or office, the freestanding clock measures 5-1/2 by 2 by 3-3/5 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.
Price 22.48$.

2. Sony ICF-CD843V CD Clock Radio with Digital Tuner

Sony ICF-CD843V CD Clock Radio with Digital Tuner  2.jpg

Your sleep schedule is important, so you need a clock radio with useful features. Look no further because the The ICF-CD843V truly delivers. It has a triple alarm, so you can set three different alarm times, each with the option of waking to CD, buzzer, or radio. The large dual time display shows both the current time and your alarm setting.You’ll love the Snoozinator extendable snooze feature that gives you the freedom to easily choose your own snooze time instead of being held captive by the short time intervals of most snooze timers. Each press of the bar adds an additional ten minutes to your total snooze time. With just a few quick flicks of your fingertips you can add up to a full hour of uninterrupted sleep after the alarm first sounds.Â
The Nap Timer is a cool advancement in clock radios. It’s totally separate from your alarms, so you can take naps without resetting the alarm. Simply set a nap time of 10 to 120 minutes, and never worry about messing up the alarm setting. This is a perfect feature for college students or busy professionals who need quick cat naps while hard at work.
This clock radio features a space-conscious design and a large, dual-time display that is backlit for day and night visibility and which allows you to see the time and your alarm-set time with a quick glance. You’ll love the four-band digital synthesized tuner, providing accurate, drift-free access to AM/FM, TV, and weather broadcasts. The CD player will play all your standard CDs as well as burned CD-R/RW discs. The alarm features might be the big draw for this clock radio, but Sony has built it to deliver great sound, too. The Mega Bass sound system produces rich, deep bass tones for a more powerful overall sound and the CD play modes allow for customized listening. All together these great alarm and sound features make the ICF-CD843V an excellent choice for your home or office.
Price 45$.

3. Timex Travel Clock

Timex Travel Clock 3.jpg

Reliable Timex Indiglo digital travel alarm clock comes with a bright display. Can be a great gift for friends that travel a lot.
Price 19.95$.

4. Timex T309T Alarm Clock Radio with Nature Sounds (Titanium)

Timex T309T Alarm Clock Radio with Nature Sounds (Titanium) 4.jpg

The Timex T309TT triple-alarm clock radio lets you wake to your choice of AM/FM radio, buzzer, or any of four nature sounds (wind, brook, surf, and forest spring). Yes, you read correctly: the triple-alarm system lets you set three independent alarm times and wake sounds.
Even if you’re waking alone, you might want to set the device to trigger, say, soothing nature sounds at 7 a.m., a gentle radio station at 7:15, and a blaring buzzer at 7:30 just in case your heinie is still in the sack when it ought to be in the shower. Use the convenient 7-5-2 system to set your alarm(s) for the week, weekdays, or the weekend.
Store up to 18 radio stations in memory, accessible through six one-touch tuning buttons. The radio offers drift-free PLL (phase-locked loop) digital tuning and displays station frequency and preset numbers.
Time to crash? Drift into sleep to the radio or soothing nature sounds using the programmable sleep timer. The unit also offers a 99-year calendar (2000 to 2099) with year/month/day display and a sure-alarm battery backup system.
Price 29.99$.

5. Shake Awake-The Vibrating Alarm Clock

Shake Awake-The Vibrating Alarm Clock 5.jpg

By slipping this pocketsized alarm clock inside your pillowcase or under your mattress, it’s powerful vibrating alarm will “Shake Awake” even the soundest sleeper! The Shake Awake is a better way to greet the day for: The “Morning Impaired”, Hearing Impaired, Sleepmates on Different Schedules, Busy Travelers, College Roommates, Snoozing Commuters, & Sleepy-Headed Teens. Simply choose the vibrating or audible alarm, then clip onto your pillow case, or under your pillow or mattress. The powerful vibration or loud audible alarm will awake even the soundest sleeper. A few of the features included are: vibrating or audible alarm, Large, easy to read 1/2″ LED display for easy reading/Back Light for nighttime viewing, Front cover converts to a stand for daytime viewing…Covers the settings while you sleep and Snooze Function.Includes a metal clip for secure attachment and a 3.5mm jack.
Price 24.90$.

That were the gift ideas for this week. Enjoy.