This sexy scent by Burberry is recommended for a sleek, stylish and modern man. If you fit the bill; then this fresh smelling fragrance is an absolute must have for you!
Treat your man to this sultry scent by Giorgio Armani. The fresh fusion of ginger, mint and pepper will ensure he smells super sexy for you all day (and night) long!
This scent by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier is absolutely gorgeous! With notes of amber, vanilla and musk they blend to form a sultry musky scent; the handy sized bottle ensures you can stay smelling sexy on the go too!
This cool apple-shaped bottle from DKNY contains a fresh fragrance that’s perfect for summer. With notes of green apple and coffee, it will give you a light, fruity scent with a masculine edge that’s ideal for everyday wear.
Not content with dominating the football world, Mr Beckham is now making his mark in fashion, with his very own fragrance. A light, refreshing scent with notes of orange, patchouli and cardamom, it’s ideal for everyday wear.
This sleek black bottle contains Ralph Lauren’s Polo Black eau de toilette – a great fragrance for everyday wear as the light notes of sandalwood and iced mango create a confident, sophisticated effect.
This cool, fresh fragrance from Lacoste is ideal for everyday wear. With notes of sandalwood, black pepper and patchouli, this sophisticated scent is ideal for a confident, stylish man.
Treat your man to this great fragrance from Paco Rabanne. Packaged in a quirky ‘staple gun’ style bottle that’ll appeal to his love of gadgets, the rich, woody scent is ideal for evening wear.
Hugo Boss makes some of the sexiest men’s fragrances around and the latest – Energise – is no exception. Notes of freesia, cocoa beans and coriander leaf make a spicy, masculine scent that’ll have girls swooning in your path!
This fresh scent by Diesel is the perfect fragrance for all occasions, with notes of sandalwood and fougere and packaged in a funky retro carton, this scent would make a great gift for a stylish and modern man!
This sexy, spicy fragrance from Gucci is perfect for evening wear, giving you a sophisticated, masculine scent with its notes of musk, anise and nutmeg. Packaged in a sleek glass bottle, it would make a great gift for a confident, stylish man.
Hugo Boss fragrances are incredibly sexy and this one is no exception! Will notes of apple, cinnamon and clove, it has a spicy, fruity scent that makes it ideal for evening wear.
This fresh fragrance by British designer Paul Smith would make a fab present. The light fusion of bergamot, nutmeg and rosemary make it the perfect scent for a sexy modern man!
Boss in Motion from Hugo Boss is ideal for an energetic man who loves adventure and action. Spicy notes of cinnamon, pink pepper and nutmeg complement the citrus orange notes to create a refreshing scent that’s ideal for everyday wear.
With fresh notes of amber, mint and lavender, this spicy scent by British designer Paul Smith is perfect for sexy eveningwear!