When it comes to your first wedding anniversary you probably want to give a memorable gift, but are having problems thinking of something that will really make a good impression.

There are so many wonderful present ideas out there but what you need to do is think about your spouse, your relationship, and what kind of gift will symbolize and celebrate your first year of married life together.

You also want to make sure the is something your spouse will appreciate and enjoy as well.

All you have to do is think about the likes, dislikes, and interesting events that have occurred over the last year.

Brainstorming will help you come up with several anniversary Gift Ideas that are possibilities. If even after brainstorming you can’t think of something good then the following ideas might help you.

The first idea is to have a caricature drawing made of you as a couple. This is a fun and enjoyable outing that you will both have fun with and likely you will both laugh at your caricature and remember it many years later.

Jewelry that is engraved with a special saying, a number one, or anything that will symbolize the first year as a married couple is also a great idea and one that will be enjoyed by both a man and a woman.

Men will enjoy an engraved watch while women will love an engraved bracelet or ring. Get creative and you will surely be successful.Another great gift idea for your first anniversary is a get away or a mini honeymoon.

Most people say the first year of marriage is the most difficult, so if you make it past one year then you deserve a vacation and a break. Make plans to return to your honeymoon destination if you have the time and money, but if not consider recreating your honeymoon in your house.

Take the weekend off and dedicate it to one another. Play the same music, serve the same drinks, and just enjoy being with one another.

When you do this you are guaranteed to spark some magic and really enjoy the weekend together and remember why you were married.

These are just a couple of  gift ideas that might work for your first wedding anniversary
present. Of course, if you have something else in mind or believe you have found the perfect gift for your spouse then by all means go for it!

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