We know one woman like it; she’s a woman who has everything. Handbags, shoes, she most probably has huge collections of both. In fact, it seems she has everything she could ever want, so problems arise when you have to buy a gift for her. You want to get her something that she will actually like and find useful, but where would you even start looking for things like that? Here are some good ideas for gifts to buy the woman who has everything, there will be something here that will suit her personality and leave her shocked that you found her a great gift that she hasn’t already got.


A woman can never have too much perfume! Make sure that if you’re buying perfume as a gift, you go for quality over quantity; your lady who has everything will not want or use a two litres of cheap, bad smelling perfume. If you’re a woman, don’t necessarily go for a scent that you like personally, perfume is quite a personal thing and what suits you might not suit your woman who has everything. Men, take some time to look at the other scents your woman owns, try to pick a similar fragrance to the ones she already owns.


A doll is a great idea for a gift for the woman who has everything. Perhaps dolls will evoke pleasant memories from her childhood, or maybe she is already an avid collector, there are plenty of reasons why you should think about getting your woman who has everything a doll. You will find that there are ranges of dolls out there to suit any budget, meaning you can spend as little or as much as you want. You woman who has everything will be delighted to receive a doll as a gift; it will be completely different to any other gift she receives this year.

Handmade Gifts

These fall into two categories; handmade gifts crafted by a professional and bought in a shop, or handmade gifts that you have produced yourself at home. Either of these options would be great for you give to your woman who has everything, who will be flattered you took the time and effort to make or find her something completely original. Again, if you made her something yourself, she will be delighted we the lengths you went to for her. These gifts could span anything from jam and preserves to handmade picture frames and ornaments.


If you’re lady who has everything enjoys a cocktail once in a while, why not get her a beginners cocktail makers kit as a fun and unusual gift. Everyone fancies themselves as a bit of an amateur mixologist and what better way for you to treat your woman than by giving her everything she needs to start making her own cocktails. Some beginners cocktail mixer kits come with lot of ingredients already included, so it won’t be long before she is fixing herself a relaxing cocktail after a long hard day.

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