Most online couriers will offer a range of services designed to meet the most diverse of needs. Regardless of where they are based, a good courier will offer comprehensive import and export services that reach practically any country around the world.


Most online couriers actually leave the logistics of moving parcels from A to B to established global carriers like UPS and DHL. The result of this approach is that, when you’re looking for extra value from a courier you’ll need to consider factors other than transit times and costs.

The area where you can find the most difference, and potential value, between one courier and the next is likely to be their approach to customer service. This will include providing tools that make producing customs paperwork and shipping labels easy, pro-active tracking of any parcel sent with them and offering a number of options for contacting the courier whenever you have a question or concern.

Of course, if you aren’t familiar with the numerous courier services available to you these days, and there are a lot more than you might think, then finding the one best suited to your needs will look like a daunting challenge at first. A good method of sorting the wheat from the chaff is to consult a review site like TrustPilot. Reviews given by previous users of a courier service will give you an invaluable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the options open to you. If you’re sending a parcel to USA, for example, looking for a courier with a good track record in this area should keep your options at a much more manageable level.

Knowing what a courier can and (as importantly) cannot offer is a crucial first step in getting much more for your money whenever you’re sending documents or parcels overseas. Doing a little research ahead of time should allow you buy with confidence every time.