Marilyn Monroe made the saying famous in her iconic song, but how true is it? We investigate!

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Diamonds really owe their status as a symbol of undying love because of DeBeers’ advertising campaign of the 1930’s. This well-known diamond supplier was successful in spreading the message of the intrinsic link between diamonds and love. The tradition of gifting an engagement ring featuring a diamond stone originated in 1477. This is the year in which Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy. After this, giving a diamond engagement ring became a widespread trend among the wealthy and famous. Around the globe, the upper classes began to follow suit and give diamonds to their wife to be. Over the next few centuries, giving diamond engagement rings was limited to only the richest and noblest families, for obvious reasons. However, in 1870 several diamond mines were discovered in Africa. This rapidly increased the availability and affordability of diamonds to the general public.

Today, Diamonds when bought by a man show his good intentions, no man is going to spend thousands of pounds on a girl which he isn’t serious about, and there are other ways of him illustrating his love for you, but what better way? What type of woman will not be flattered when her man spends a lot of money on her? It’s a confirmation that the man is committing himself to you.

When a girl gets a diamond, it isn’t just her who appreciates it. Everybody who comes into contact with her will notice the right diamond. As soon as a woman is about to get married, all her friends eyes turn to her engagement ring. The bigger the ring, the more attention it will receive.

She may not feel like she’s been bought all the diamonds in the Tower of London, but a diamond ring will certainly make her feel extra special, like a princess. Diamonds make the owner sparkle. They complement every outfit. This is because diamonds are natural; they are rare, high quality. Moissanite may be what a girl would buy for herself, but faced with a choice, diamonds win every time. Diamonds really make the woman feel that she deserves the best and has got it!

Diamonds are also an insurance policy for women. From a financial perspective, receiving a diamond as a gift is pretty safe. It is highly unlikely that diamonds will lose their value. Diamonds also make a lovely inheritance gift, so the woman can leave it to whoever she wishes ensuring the diamond stays in the family for generations. If the worse comes to the worst diamonds can always be sold to pay the bills!