The Bäks Company (pronounced box company) wants to change dramatically the way we give a gift card. The company created a new packaging system named GiftCard Bäks which will be available in to 500 Walmart stores in 41 states.

GiftCard Bäks

GiftCard Bäks is a new stylish way to give gift cards, jewelry and small gifts. Also it will bring a smile on the receiver face this holidays when the pack will arrive on time.

The handmade GiftCard Bäks folds completely flat for shipping, storage and retail display; then opens easily into a sturdy, beautiful gift box utilizing a magnetic closure.

If you love to give eco friendly gifts you should know that this box is made from recycled chipboard. Also it’s beautiful because  it is completed with origami hinges. In plus the GiftCard Bäks includes a gift tag.

Where do I find the GiftCard Bäks

GiftCard Bäks will be sold in a Sidekick display in Walmart’s Celebrations Department alongside gift cards from major gift card providers.

Buy Once – Gift Twice

The Bäks Company is in a partnership with Operation Smile. 1% of GiftCard Bäks proceeds are donated to Operation Smile to give free surgeries to children suffering from cleft lip, cleft palate facial deformities. For more details please visit