If you were to lose your phone these days you might feel lost without it, this is because they are so much more than just communication devices. They allow you to do great things such as access maps or videos on demand and can be great tools when you need to look up some information. These smartphones have not been as popular as they are now for very long, companies tried for a long time to try and promote their new smartphones but it wasn’t until Apple that things really took off. The iPhone was a real eye opener for many people as when they first tried it they could see just how easy they were to use, and people who understood the technology inside could see just how powerful they were.

iPhone5 thumb Will the iPhone 6 be the best gaming device

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All of this has helped Apple to take nearly up to 50% of the smartphone market on its own, but in order to do this Apple has had to keep the iPhone up to date and has released a new model every year. This year there are rumours that the new iPhone will be released in the summer and that it will be incredibly powerful. This extra power for many people will only be seen when they are playing games on their phones, but this has become a big selling point of the iPhone as it is very easy to find great games to play.

One great way to find new games to play is to go online and play them in the browser, this is possible because many sites like www.gamingclub.com/au have developed sites especially for smartphones. These sites allow you to play games straight away and with the new power of the next iPhone these games will only get better and more fun to play.