Gift giving is just not on Christmas, but also on anniversaries, birthdays and other events. As a matter of fact, gifts can be given on any occasion or simply to impress someone beloved. But with expenses soaring sky high, one can also resort to giving inexpensive gifts that are easily available in the market. But there are instances when the person is simply taken for a ride by the shopkeeper by providing inferior products or of some other material than the one that has been assured at the time of purchasing. Therefore, there are several reasons for a person to abandon the very concept of gift giving altogether. clip_image001

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· It can happen that the individual had ordered something and received a thing that is not original or made from some other material.

· Fake lottery tickets: An individual might presume that he is to become heir to a lot of money from his parents after their death. This gift that he expects make him to feel secure, only to realize later that on opening the gift received from them, he finds a fake lottery ticket that is just a joke.

· Vintage Literature: It might happen that gifting books can be considered to be a wonderful idea. In such cases, presenting a book like ‘How to influence people and make friends’ can actually create a negative feeling in the recipient on the sender of the gift.

· Chainsaw: This is one idea that is the worst. It could simply put someone’s eye out or accidentally chop of the arm and returning it back would be virtually impossible.

· Chia Pet Lamp: In a tribute in bad taste, the neighbour takes a Chia Pet lamp and with some expertise handiwork turns it into a green, furry table lamp. One can imagine the surprise, when this small contribution is opened in the trailer park décor fame hall.

· Logo Ornament: It has been seen that some people tend to send cheap and unworthy gifts to others probably because to save on their taxes, by showing these expenditure on gifts as expenses on the taxes. Though this is a novel idea of saving money, the gifts are better avoided.

· Real pet: There are instances, where an individual just does not like any animal as a pet and is allergic to it. The surprise is that someone close to him presents him with a pet as a gift. Besides having to bear the pet, the individual also has to make repeated trips to the vet, spend on its medicines and daily care. Furthermore, all day, the individual would also be engaged in feeding and cleaning up the pet for the rest of its life. This is a gift that is definitely not expected by the individual at any cost.

These are some of the gifts that are better not purchased and can be avoided at all times. In case, the individual is planning to get a gift for someone near and dear, then he can look on the net. There are plenty of mothers day gifts online that are not only inexpensive, but also useful, worthy and sure to impress the recipient and be valued for a long time to come.

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