With the ever growing population of older adults, one prevalent problem among them is severe disabilities. They are unable to take care of themselves like they used to do during their youthful stages. Ideally, what brings a smile on their face is a friendly visit to them at their nursing homes. We can gift them with some necessities that could improve their overall quality of life. Some of the gifts that can ease their stay in these elderly facilities include the following: 

Socks and slippers

One of the best gifts you can get the elderly is slip-resistant socks and sandals. That is a gift that will not only light up the face of your loved one but also keep them safe throughout their living. These elderly nursing homes tend to emphasize wearing slip-resistant socks as well as slippers to prevent accidental falls. That is because any fall can result in various complications due to their old age. The nurses thus avoid such complications by ensuring they have protective wear wherever they are. So next time you show up in a nursing home, try this gift, and see how much your elderly relative, friend, or parent will appreciate.

Beautiful lap blanket

Lap blankets are very prevalent in nursing facilities. That is because they are more than just a piece of decorative items.  Lap blankets or weighted blankets tend to help to minimize anxiety, provide comfort, calm nerves, and also facilitate deep sleep. You should thus consider gifting it to an elderly whether he or she uses a portable electric wheelchair or a walking stick. Don’t assume that since you saw them with a lap blanket, they don’t need one. There is no problem in getting them one with a different shade. The gift will go a long way in ensuring the seniors spend their time with less anxiety. Make sure you go for bright colors and not dull ones.

Personal care items

It doesn’t mean because they are elders; they no longer mind about their hygiene. You should thus consider dropping by with a basket of personal care items. That includes Nail clippers, No-rinse bathing caps, body lotions, long-handled brushes, waterproof bed pads, and shower brushes. These items will go a long way in ensuring the seniors have an excellent time grooming and taking care of themselves.

Board games and puzzle books

Have you ever wondered what elders in nursing homes do during their free time? Well, once you answer that question, you will realize how board games and puzzle books are essential to them. These games tend to keep them busy with their lives. By doing so, they keep them from overthinking. They are among the best gift for senior citizens. Keep some things in mind when selecting which board games and puzzles books you to gift them. Make sure every part of the game is available to avoid frustration. You should also ensure the game is simple to play. Some of the best options include scrabble, life, monopoly, card games, and chess. You may also consider games like backgammons and checkers.


Have you ever thought of gifting senior citizens an essential oil diffuser? If not, try it next time. It is an incredible gift that will keep their rooms smelling like home. It is also the best way to give them sweet memories and help the stay bearable. The main reason why you should go for essential oil diffuser is because they are much better and they come with various health benefits. If it is your parent, you may go for the type of essential oil he or she likes. If it is a friend, you should consider asking so that you get the best option for maximum benefits.

Cozy gloves

Forget about leather gloves that you wear when biking or handling tools. The elderly need soft and cozy gloves to use indoors. These gloves are always useful when it comes to keeping them warm and ensuring their hands are protected. They also signify a sense of style, and so the senior citizen will be glad to have them as gifts. Make sure you go for elegant fabric and exceptional designs if at all, you want them to look more glamorous when wearing them. It is one of those simple but helpful gifts for seniors in nursing homes. If you are planning to change their wardrobe, consider getting matching gloves and non-slip socks. The two will make them more than happy and grateful.

A mini-fridge

Making the life of senior citizens as comfortable as you can is a blessing. That is why you should consider getting them things like a mini fridge for them to store things like cakes and drinks. They also need a mini-fridge to store some leftover foods. It is an essential gift that is going to make their lives more enjoyable. Make sure the fridge is preferably new so that it can last longer without needing any forms of repair.

Those are so far some of the best gifts that you can take a long next time you will be visiting nursing homes. The gifts will not only keep the seniors safe but also ensure they maintain personal hygiene. They will also make sure they amplify their comfort, and that is something that you should be ready to help them achieve.

By Rebecca Siggers