Whether it’s someone’s birthday and you’re looking for something different, maybe your friend or relative has just moved into a new home or maybe even someone you love, loves their garden – the summer is the perfect time to give a garden gift! Chocolates or champagne can be always be given but presenting someone with a gardening gift that encourages them to get outside and enjoy the summertime sunshine is guaranteed to give you a few more brownie points! So, to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together some of the best garden gifts that you can send to someone who will truly appreciate it!

4 Garden Gift Ideas This Summer 3

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  1. The Wildlife Gift – Bird Box

Encourage birds to come serenade your loved ones with a brand-new bird box full of avian treats. You can now purchase a wide range of gift boxes for birds as well as hedgehogs, with seed heavy goods that attract a summertime feeding. These boxes are full to the brim with seedy mixes – enough to satisfy the pickiest of wildlife! You can even get ones with smartly crafted fruit holders to further encourage that wildlife interaction in your very on garden. The best way to start the animal garden adventure is to start with a bird seed dispenser to start attracting those beautiful birds in – just make sure it comes with a secure lid to keep those thieving squirrels away!

  1. The Big Gift – Sofa Set & Chairs

If you’re looking to get your special someone, something bigger why not give them that big gift they need. No garden is complete without a full wicker furniture sofa set for the whole family to enjoy. Perfect for lounging about, ideal for social events and amazing for alfresco eating, a sofa set or chairs complete with an outdoor dining table is perfect for your garden needs. A present that will land with a punch, this is a costlier gift but one that brings endless years of use and enjoyment. If you’re looking to impress or just to please those you love, this is really a gift that keeps giving all summer long. 

  1. The Plant Growers Gift – A Mini Greenhouse

A garden entry that is proving highly popular this summer is the addition of a mini greenhouse. If you want to get someone a gift that truly stands out to any gardener advocate, then why not give them a high quality, easy to set up greenhouse. Perfect for those who don’t have the space to house a full size, glass one, a mini greenhouse is the ideal addition for potting and growing seedlings or even a good place to store fragile plants over the colder months. You can get ones that over four separate tiers of shelving that will tuck away nicely in the corner of any garden.

  1. The Personalized Gift – Engraved Crate

Today’s craze that has swept the nation is all about personalization. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, people currently love to buy a those light up boxes that allow you to create your very own personalized message so you can show off a new baby arrival or house purchase. This brings up to our next gift. Why not show some sentimental class and get your nearest and dearest a personalized crate for their garden? Whether it’s a congratulations message or their names with their anniversary date, you can now buy quirky crate with messages engraved on that you can use in your garden for small plants or flowers!

By Roman