In today’s article I am going to share with you some inspired jewelry gifts. I recently discovered a jewelry manufacturer called King Will. They are specialized in wedding bands but I consider that this gifts can be offered with many occasions and the wedding bands can be inspired presents in many cases.

I opted for the models made by King Will because they have some modern models along with classic ones.

For you husband or boyfriend you can get a set which is classic and every man needs one when participating to formal events.

Inspired Jewelry Gifts For Men 1

Images source King Will

This set is both elegant and useful containing one King Will R027 6mm tungsten wedding band, two cuff links and one tie clip.

You can also get for him a beautiful wedding band. My favorite models are:

#1. King Will Meteor rose gold 

Inspired Jewelry Gifts For Men 2

This is a chic band made with tungsten carbide and 18k rose gold plated.

#2. King Will Gentleman Black Coated Ring Of Blue & Black Fibre Inlay


Inspired Jewelry Gifts For Men 3

The black and blue combination looks modern and this band will attract the attention for sure.

#3. King Will Gem Ring In Black With One Lap Of Cz Stones

Inspired Jewelry Gifts For Men 4

This is the way to go if you prefer a band with CZ stones inlaid. It looks beautiful.

These tungsten bands will be appreciated by any man, but you should know his tastes and preferences before getting one. There are many ring models to chose from I just showed you my favorites. There are available classic models and modern ones. A good indicator on what to get is to have a look at his clothing items. If he likes to be trendy and checks out the latest fashion regularly opt for a modern design, if not choose a classic model.

So these were the gift ideas for today. If you want to see more models have a look at king will rings.