I can always remember how my younger brother and I fought for and about petty things when we were still children. The funny thing was, we always ended up beaten by our mom and punished for hurting each other. She would always say that brothers suppose to love and look after each other and not to argue about nonsensical things and brawl. She’s absolutely right, because we had each other’s back when we were teenagers. Now that we are already grownups, we no longer fight but share each other’s plans, successes and of course, fortune.

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The good thing about me and my brother is we don’t wait for any occasion to give each other a gift. Each time he visits, he has something for me—a new gadget, sports gear, new suit, shoes, or a trip ticket to my favorite cities. And, I do the same for him. It might sound extravagant for you, but I would say that the love of siblings is priceless. We only want the best for each other.

If you were planning to give your brother or best friend a special gift, you don’t have to worry about how much it would cost, or how simple it would be. What matters is you let him feel he is important and loved. Here are five gift ideas which, I believe, would surely make your brother or best friend happy.

1. Electric Shaver – Let him get rid of his traditional electric razor and give him one of the best from the wide variety of recent shaving technology. You can choose from the stubble slayer, stubble trimmer, the lubricated and irritation-free, and those designed for highly sensitive skin. Any of these shavers would make his job easier, quicker and cleaner.

2. Apple iPad 2 – If he didn’t have one yet, this is a cool gadget for him. Don’t forget to include a selection of iPad 2 cases for him to change from time to time. Also, stuff it with his favorite movies, music and various apps that you think would be useful to him. With the Apple iPad 2, you are giving him an all-inclusive gift he would surely enjoy and treasure.

3. Game Tickets – Definitely, you know what kind of sport he is into. Like for example, if he loved football, check out the upcoming big games and surprise him with a ticket with a premium seating. You only have to make sure you buy not just one, but maybe two tickets. Otherwise, he wouldn’t enjoy the game because he was alone.

4. Cross-State Ride – Take him on a cross-state adventure. Probably, you can do a little excursion to different states, take turns in taking the driver’s seat, check out on interesting spots, buy some stuff, enjoy the sun on a white sand beach, and maybe check out hot bars in town. It’s a good way to bond and reminisce your younger years together.

5. A Getaway Package – If you were considering your budget, you can consider this a long-term goal. Plan to get him a ticket (or tickets if he already has a family) to his dreamed destination and book him in a fine hotel, maybe for two days, where he can relax, have fun and enjoy.

There are a lot of ways to express brotherly love and care. It is not merely about exchanging of gifts, or sharing of wealth. A simple call, a video call through Skype, a short email message, and a surprise visit are only few of the thousand and one ways to show that you love him.

Brandon Peters is an entrepreneur, writer and gadgets enthusiast. He loves to check out and collect new, hi-tech gadgets. But when he is home, he devotes his time writing about different topics. Sometimes, he travels with his brother to different cities.