Romantic gifts are amongst the hardest gifts to buy for someone. There’s everything from the classic to the socially unacceptable. It’s difficult to decide what’s going to make an impact and what isn’t. Whether you want to buy online romantic flowers or a leather-bound photo album to document all your precious memories, it’s tough to choose between one gift type and another.


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To help you with picking a romantic gift for that special someone, we’ve compiled a range of items which you might want to consider purchasing.


You should always accompany your item with some sort of card. Try to be more creative than a standard card from the local shop. Buy a personalised card with an appropriate picture. If you really want to put some effort in, you should consider writing a poem or some other romantic message inside.

You want a card to be kept. You don’t want it to be thrown out like a Christmas card after the event’s euphoria has dissipated.


Flowers are a classic romantic gift. A bouquet of red roses is a popular method of wooing a member of the female gender. Whatever type of flowers you choose, you should aim to do more than just buy the right flower.

Add a personalised card to the item. You might also want to consider the way you present your online romantic flowers. You could paint your own vase and personalise this. It gives them something permanent they can keep. Alternatively, place them in a basket and give them that instead. Combine it with other gifts to create a bumper present.


Chocolates are an old favourite. We recommend you use this as a side gift. Don’t make everything centre on the chocolates. Something more permanent should form the centrepiece of your offering.

With chocolates, a lot of people wrongly believe they should buy the most expensive Belgian chocolates to satisfy their partners. Concentrate on taste and what they enjoy. For example, you could buy them a type of sweet which they haven’t tasted since childhood. This is always going to have more of an effect than something you’ve spent a lot of money on.

Fashion Accessories

Jewellery, handbags, and clothes are good for a romantic occasion, but they have the drawbacks of not being exclusive to the occasion. Unless you’re going to personalise them heavily, stay away from them. You can buy these for any event, and this is part of the problem because they don’t symbolise the time you’ve spent together.


A romantic gift isn’t about how much you spend on a gift. The main part of any romantic occasion is you. As long as you’re there and doing your duty the gift will support you in this endeavour. What it won’t do is cover for a lack of romantic input from you. Make your significant other feel special and make them feel as if they’re the most important person in the world. It’s the key to harnessing the potential of a romantic gift!

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By Sachin Kr