Buying gifts can be difficult, especially when considering clothing because style is often highly personal. But if the person you are buying for is into streetwear then you’re on to a good start. Streetwear is an urban fashion style that is derived from hip hop and sports-wear, and is regularly featured in popular culture. This article comprises of five tips that will help you find something that will make you a favourite.

5 Gifts For Streetwear Fanatic's 3

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Trainers (or sneakers) are the central focus to anyone’s streetwear look. These days focus is on wearing new labels, that are exclusive and rich in celebrity culture. One brand that is symbolising this is LA designers Android Homme, who have an extended range of luxury styles.


Any man of luxury knows that the symbol of his wealth and style is his watch. The watch has always been an influential element of the hip-hop world, just think of Flavor Flav and his watch necklace. For watches in 2017, the focus is on gold and digital watches have returned as a retro style. For the ultimate baller, Linde Werdelin are producing extravagant high value watches.

Snap back

The snap back took the baseball cap and made it cool again. Although they have been around for a while now, they continue to dominate the streetwear market as they are donned by rappers and sports stars worldwide. Made popular by Obey, more current snap backs have come from Adidas who have been prominent in the street wear market and Brixton who continue to create sleek designs.

Phone case

An easy gift in 2017, with the majority of people using Samsung or iPhones the only way to stand out is with a phone case. It is easy to turn a cheap case into a luxurious accessory too, with many gold, leather, and embroidery options available. If you want something really personal, you can get phone cases printed with pictures on, but avoid at all costs if you’re their mother. Nothing says uncool like a picture of you and your mum on your phone case.


Hoodies have long been associated with streetwear because they warm and have a hood to keep you dry. No that’s not really right, it’s because they were popular in hip hop fashion in the early nineties and still dominate the street wear style. Billionaires Boys Club are one of the most iconic streetwear brands and their hoodies are uniquely designed and made with luxurious materials.

By Roman Winter