Suggest buying the man of action a gift and you’ll likely meet some stiff resistance. ‘I don’t need anything’ he’ll insist. Do a little digging however and you’ll usually find out that there are things he wants, but just hasn’t realized it yet. Use the following five suggestions for guidance and you’ll be sure to get him something “useful” – the highest accolade the outdoors type can give.

1. Equipment

High quality outdoor equipment is notoriously expensive. Whether your man’s a climber, windsurfer, diver or mountain biker, there’ll always be a piece of kit he needs but probably can’t justify spending his own money on. If the item in question is beyond your financial reach, club together with others to raise the money. Don’t go for the cheapo option – it won’t go down well.

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2. Travel

Adventurous men like to travel and discover new places. Provide them with the ability to explore by buying vouchers or tickets for travel by land, sea or air. On trips away, some nights in the relative luxury of a bed and breakfast or hotel can provide some much-needed respite from braving the elements. Alternatively, pay for any licenses, insurance or other legal necessities associated with their chosen activities.

3. Clothing

The outdoors type always needs more clothes. Whether its base layers for cold climes or a new pair of board shorts, clothes are easy to shop for and don’t necessarily need to break the bank. Try brands like Howies, Berghaus, Musto or Patagonia for a range of high quality gear. Many online outdoor supply shops have clearance items for sale throughout the year.

4. Literature

In his pursuits, any outdoors man will occasionally have to find ways to pass the time. Whether it’s at base camp waiting for the weather to clear or at his favourite surf break waiting for the tide to change, a good book can make an otherwise tedious experience a whole lot more interesting. Books about pioneers in his hobby of choice always go down well, as do photographic collections. If you’re man’s not the reading sort, guidebooks and good quality maps often prove to be indispensible.

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5. Experience days

For many men, objects are transient. They get broken, wear out or are lost. Experiences, on the other hand, help create memories that last a lifetime. With this in mind, a number of companies provide adrenaline-packed activity packages that can be purchased in the form of vouchers. These include everything from bungee jumping and zorbing to driving or flying experience days.