“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.” Jonathan Lockwood Huie

We, as parents, all want to bestow our children with good gifts. We all want the best for our children in every aspect. When it comes to gifting them, sometimes we pass through tough times. We have to dig our brains to come up with great and innovative gift ideas. Our idea is always to give them something different, something creative. But, at the same point, we also tend to keep it fun and less of an over-the-top gift item! Making the gifts a more practical one is no cake-walk.

It is for sure that toys of various sorts are educative, creative while opening a new door to the wondrous play world. Playing with children is any day a big stress-buster. But with today’s modern times, and the busy schedule, we hardly have time. We all are more into gifting our children non-toy gifts. These non-toy gifting ideas are educative, creative, as well as opens the door to a new horizon. Children should know that there is more to giving than just toys. There are many types of gifts for children, which they will keep appreciating or recollecting for a long time.

So, let us step into the same and round up the best gifting ideas for our children. Keep on reading to collect the ideas to get yourself started.

·         Gift your loved one personalized gifts

6 Best gifting ideas for your child 1

A personalized book is always going to be a favorite, as they do cherish adding their ideas and moments into it. Gift them the same during their birthdays or on some other special occasions. For instance, this can be an excellent gifting idea if your child gets good grades or performs commendably in any cultural program. Moreover, gift your child with personalized photo mugs. Choose a beautiful picture of him or her and get it printed on the mugs. And watch them cheer with joy! They will love to have their morning chocolate shake or chocolate mug shots in the same! You can also gift your child with a personalized photo album — Cherry-Pick photos, right from their babyhood till recent times. You can even transform the same into a digitalized one. Leave some space in between to add some inspirational quotes. Watch them getting glued and appreciating the photos of themselves. How about gifting your children a personalized quilt! In today’s digitized world, it will not be too difficult to get a single and huge photograph of your child printed in the middle of the quilt. They will love to sleep and dream the whole night-long. Again, why only stick to personalized quilts and mugs! Gift your child a personalized umbrella! It is also quite an innovative idea and would be a ‘fun umbrella’ for them, of which they will be the only owner.

·         Spent quality time with your child

Purchase tickets for any upcoming event, and surprise them by gifting it. Seasonal tickets to any musical plays, or reality shows will always make them more joyous. It can also be a great way of spending your Sundays with your children. Plan for a family outing, or gift them with the idea of any adventurous weeklong trip. You can plan to go hiking, biking, or else river-rafting. Try making the trip a memorable one for your children.

·         Give wings to your child’s imaginations

If your child admires doodling, plan to give him/her a doodle-kit. It consists of a little art book and a doodling set. Watch them getting floated on the wings of imagination. Surprise them by enrolling their names in painting or any art and craft class. Enrolling them in pottery class can also be a great gifting idea. Let them play with colors and molds while making beautiful creative DIYs. Let their imagination get wings! If your child happens to be a sports enthusiast, gift him/her by enrolling them in their favorite sport, to learn better. It is a very healthy and educative gifting notion for your child.

·         Go shopping with your child

Sometimes clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories add-on to one of the excellent gifting ideas for your child. Surprise them by taking them to the well-known garment retail outlets or shopping malls and let the fashion splurge tickle them! Sometimes children want to be independent and explore the nearby retail outlets buying their favorite savories. Gift them with some money, or else secretly put it inside their piggy-banks. Watch them jump with joy!

·         Gift your loved one their favorite book or accessory

If your child loves cooking or baking, you can also gift them with useful cookery books. You should also keep encouraging them, as your inspiring words also pose as an ideal and motivating gift for your child. Present your music-loving child a pair of branded headphones. Purchase one enabled with recent technologies. Let them groove into their favorite numbers.

·         Wall decal world maps

Astound your child by decorating their room with colorful wall decals. If they are out for some educational school trip, plan to re-decorate their living habitat with this theme-oriented décor. It stands to be a great gift ideafor your adorable child. Astonish them with joy once they get back home! They can pinpoint places on the world-map decals and enhance their knowledge, in a playful manner.

Keep gifting

Gifting ideas are many. But gifting your loved ones has to be a memorable one. Your child should remember the gift which they adore to the fullest. Plan to give them those that are out of the ordinary. In recent times, there are various avenues that you must explore to make a sensible yet enjoyable decision while gifting your child. The above discussed best gifting ideas for your child will henceforward aid you to make a stoical choice. Keep gifting, and let your child smile always!

By Rebecca Siggers