The living room is a gathering place for the family. You can enjoy watching television shows, celebrating holidays or simply enjoying time with each other. Since you will likely spend so much time in the living room, why not create a space that everyone will enjoy? You can get a free estimate for home remodeling services that can greatly change the way that your living room looks.

If the room is white or designed in basic colors, then consider adding a few brighter colors, such as blue or peach. You can leave the walls painted a neutral color to make it easier to add rugs, pillows and other accents in the colors that you want. Ceiling medallions can be added to the walls to give a bit of texture. Slipcovers on the couch can easily add a different feel to the furniture as well as different colors that can easily be changed whenever you’re ready for something new.

A living room that is on the darker side with darker shades of wood and furnishings can be transformed into an open space by painting the walls in a neutral color, such as white or beige. Gray is also a color that is very popular with home remodeling trends. New windows that reach from the ceiling to just above the floor let in natural light. Gingham curtains will maintain the charming look that you might have had with the darker interior.

Some living rooms just aren’t designed for living. If you live in an older home, then you might have a wood stove in the living room. This can make it hard to place any furnishings in the room without having the pieces close together. If possible, remove the stove so that you have room to decorate. If you can’t, then consider using one corner of the room to brighten up with lighter paint, simple furnishings and perhaps a small chest in the center of the room instead of a coffee table. Add character to the room with vintage decorations or furniture that has a rough-hewn look. Colors that work well with this look include peach and beige.