Before the invention of photography the only way to immortalize a person or object was painting. Actually photography meant painting with light.

Hundreds of years ago rich families hired painters for portraits. Once the photography became popular and accessible the people opted for taking pictures of themselves.

In the last decades once the digital photography became more and more popular most people bought a digital camera and almost forgot about the painters. The portraits are rare this days, but since technology and innovation slowly changes everything nowadays there is a strong trend to get a portrait. Experienced artists are brought together using modern technologies and the user can get a portrait well executed at a fair price.


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Services like Turn Your Photo Into a Painting offer as imple and effective service to transform a picture into a beautiful paining.

Transforming a photo into an work of art isn’t simple and it should involve a specialized and experienced artist.

I like that everything can be shopped over the Internet. I simple like to sit in my chair and browse popular sites looking for new and interesting ideas. Transforming an image into a real painting is an idea I like because I have some old family photos and I don’t have the negatives to duplicate them. I think that transforming some old photographs of my grand parents into paintings and offering them to my parents is a cool idea.

I love the the Internet these days offers so many options. If I spend a few hours searching for new ideas I usually find a lot of things which are really worth getting.