I will tell you wasn’t very exited when I got the Agloves for review. How different can some gloves be? You will be surprised. Read on to see why.

What are Agloves?

Agloves are the everyday gloves reinvented for a touch screen world. Agloves keep hands warm and allow you to work and play on touch screen devices like iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Droid and Droid X, Droid 2, Samsung and other touch screen devices.

Watch this video to see what they do.

Agloves Review

I have tested the Agloves on my GPS. In the beginning  have tested my regular gloves. I have tried to enter an address on my GPS and I just couldn’t believe it: it was impossible to get it right. I’ve wanted to press on D and I have pressed the K – on a qwerty keyboard.

So the regular gloves failed. I had to take them off to insert the address.

After that I’ve put the  Agloves on and inserted an address. What a difference! Agloves didn’t worked good they’ve worked perfectly.

The difference between Agloves and regular gloves is immense when it comes to touch screen devices. The regular glove simply don’t work.

Gift idea

You can offer the Agloves to anyone who has a touch screen device like a GPS, smart phone or a tablet PC.

Also the Agloves will be a good gift for Christmas.