If you or someone you know has a tough time with depression, there are some things you can do to help. Anything that brings a glimmer of a smile to someone feeling down will make you feel good too. Your support for a depressed loved one is critical. Below are some ways to you can support a friend or loved one who has been suffering with depression.

The Best Gifts to Give Someone When They Are Depressed

Be Patient and Learn – Being patient with your friend. Depression is hard to understand if you are not the one going through it. Learn all you can about depression so that you can understand more about what your friend is going through and why. When you educate yourself about depression, you will understand the symptoms and causes, which allows you to support your friend patiently. When you are patient and understanding of your friend, they will understand that no matter how long it takes to get through it, you will be there for them. Most of the time, all the depressed friend needs is someone to be there for them. You can be the one who listens, understands and accepts them no matter what. This can be the best gift of all.

Run Their Errands – When someone is down and depressed, they do not feel like doing laundry, picking up the groceries, returning library books, paying bills or going out to get their mail. Get over to their house, and help them make a list of things they need to do. Go and do those things for them. Better yet, if you can afford it, pay a bill for them, or pick up their groceries and pay the tab. You will be surprised at how happy you will make them and how quickly you will see their mood change.

Therapy – Talk to your friend about going to therapy, and offer to go with them. Therapy for cognitive behavior is based on how a person’s thoughts cause their feelings and their behaviors. The benefit of this type of therapy is that it can help change the way your friend thinks or feels even if their circumstances do not change. Have the name of a good therapist for your talk and make a day out of it by taking her to lunch before or after the therapy session.

Secret Admirer Gift – If your friend is depressed and you are a really true friend, you do not have to be thanked for acts of kindness. Send your friend some flowers anonymously, or have a person they do not know dress up in some crazy costume, go over their house and deliver wine, DVDs and chocolates. No matter how down someone feels, knowing that someone has gone out of their way to think of them will bring joy to their heart and a smile to their face. When they have no idea who sent it, they begin to think of all their family members and friends who do really care which will brighten their day. Never tell them it was you. Having a mystery friend who cares will make them feel special!