A friend who lets you borrow his or her apartment for the weekend deserves a fabulous gift. Consider some of the following gift ideas for this generous friend.

Gifts Related to the Person’s Interests or Hobbies

While inside someone’s apartment you can’t help but learn a little about the person’s interests/hobbies. For instance, the person may have an easel and collection of paints set up in the living room. A perfect gift for this person would be a new paintbrush, some unique colors of paint or even a gift certificate to an art supply store. Alternatively, if there are a lot of photographs around the apartment it may mean the person is a photographer or just loves collecting photographs. Either way, an elegant picture frame would be a appealing gift for that individual. Take a look around the apartment and you’ll be able to come up with some thoughtful gifts that express your appreciation!

New Items for the Apartment as Gifts

New Items Gifts

During your time in the apartment, you may see some items that are worn out and need to be replaced. For instance, you may notice that the welcome mat just outside the apartment door is beginning to fade and fall apart. In that case, a new welcome mat would be appreciated. Or, if you notice that the garbage can in the kitchen is old and busted or disgusting, you may want to purchase a simplehuman trash can for your friend. He or she will be glad to have a trash can that is both practical and decorative! If you look around the apartment before you leave, you are sure to find a household item that you can replace.

A Gift in the Form of a Favorite Treat

At sometime during the weekend, you are sure to open the person’s refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. This is a surefire way to find out some of the person’s favorite foods and beverages. For example, if he or she has several boxes of breakfast cereal, you can create a gift basket full of delicious breakfast cereals. In fact, practically any type of food can go into a fun gift basket. Chips, pretzels, chocolate, and even wine can all be arranged in a delightful gift basket for your friend.

Restaurant Gift Cards

When it comes to gifts, some people think that gift cards are very uncreative. However, if the gift card is to a person’s favorite restaurant it will surely be appreciated! Look around the apartment for telltale signs that reveal the person’s favorite restaurant. For example, you may find several pizza boxes in the trash that belong to a nearby popular pizzeria. Check the refrigerator for doggy bags and boxes with restaurant names on them. Also, be sure to look at the person’s refrigerator door. He or she may have a magnet advertising the name and phone number of a favorite local eatery. The friend will remember you every time he or she gets a take-out order using the gift card.

Finally, it’s best to give it some thought before selecting a gift. A thoughtful gift communicates how grateful you are for getting the use of the person’s apartment for an entire weekend.