Any nature loving man or woman worth their salt would surely appreciate any of the gift ideas listed below. Somehow, someplace, on their walks in the wild, most of the 10 suggestions shown here can come in handy.

10 Outdoorsy Gifts For Your Nature Loving Friend

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A heavy-duty, sharp knife always comes in handy. Choose a fixed handle knife with a sturdy one piece handle or a solid, heavy duty folding knife. There are many affordable knives offered in either style that will prove useful in the field.


Never get lost in the wilderness. Even the most experienced outdoor people can lose their bearings in the middle of a dense forest.

Walking Staff

One of these is always handy when traipsing through a trail and is a great aid for maneuvering dense trails or difficult terrain. A staff can also serve as a self-defense tool.

Water Purification Kit

There’s no bottled water in the wilderness. A purification kit makes good drinking water out of bad. Of course, if their exploits are near the neighborhood 7-11 store, this might be overkill. A hand held portable unit can be purchased for under $50.

Hand Held GPS Unit

This is a high tech way to keep you on course; some GPS units are designed to show trails and topography in wilderness areas.

Field Guides

Depending on their interests, most nature lovers would appreciate a variety of field guides to help them identify their discoveries. A must have guide is one that identifies wild birds. Peterson offers an exceptional bird guide. Other guides help identify wild flowers, snakes, fish rocks and virtually any natural element. They are a must for the serious outdoor discoverer.


Compact and lightweight binoculars can spot wildlife and other landmarks from a distance. A good pair of 10 x 22 lightweight binoculars should serve most people well. More serious outdoorsmen might prefer field glasses with higher magnification.


Where does a person carry his supplies and other essentials? New, waterproof lightweight materials and comfortable back straps make backpacks easy to carry.

Hiking Boots

Outdoor people travel on their feet. Nothing can be finer than to walk with comfortable hiking boots. They give plenty of support and most are waterproof.


These one man personal boats open up a whole new world of discovery for an ardent outdoor lover. They are lightweight and easy to transport. They can be mastered with just a few minutes of practice. Kayaks are relatively inexpensive and are perfect for exploring the waterways and the mangrove trails allowing a person to get a closer look at the wet side of nature.

Article by Annette Hazard