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February 14th, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the love that two people share. While buying gifts for women is generally simple, picking items that are suitable for men is much more difficult. Here are five of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men.

#1. Most Thrifty: A stay-at-home movie night with all his films

Gifts do not have to be expensive, sometimes the most touching gifts don’t have to cost any money at all. This is as true for males as it is for females. An almost cost-free Valentine’s gift is a night of stay-at-home films. The catch is that all the movies that you watch have to be ones that he chooses, regardless of whether they are action, horror or whatever they desire. A further addition would be to stock a coffee table with a wide range of male-oriented snacks. Some suggestions are pizza, pretzels, beer and chips.

#2. Most Unique: Dog collar with a bottle opener

This unusual (and cheap) gift is a bit of fun for any man with a dog and also serves a practical purpose. Dogs are often perceived as man’s best friend, and many spend warm afternoons in the weekend outside relaxing with a beer while their family is around them. What better way to combine two activities into one? The man can teach the dog to fetch beer from the cooler and then open it on the dogs return. Furthermore, he will never lose his bottle opener again – hopefully.

#3. For the Sporting Fan: Tabletop foosball table

For a man who is into sports game or socializing, one entertaining gift that will keep everyone amused for hours on end is tabletop foosball. This two (or four)-player game is one that many males (and females) enjoy, and it can be a way of letting out aggression or frustration after a long day at work.

#4. Most Decadent: Chocolate galore

Boxes of chocolate are a traditional Valentine’s gift for women, and a little spin on this approach makes for a perfect gift for a male. Find a medium sized basket or bucket, such as a bucket that is used to cool champagne. Fill the bottom half of the bucket with something relatively inexpensive that takes up a lot of room. For example you could use cellophane or packing material, but another approach would be to use marshmallows or peanuts in their shells, which then become part of the present. Fill the remainder of the box up with the man’s favorite chocolates large chunky ones are best. Try things like rocky road bars, blocks of chocolate, chocolate covered fruit or nuts and even chocolate cookies. An interesting addition is to use chocolate flavored alcohols such as liqueurs.

#5. Best personalized gift: Engraved watch

Personalized gifts are a fantastic way of showing someone you care for them, while at the same point providing something that is useful for them. One special personalized gift that you can give on Valentine’s Day is a watch. There are many men’s watches available, and they vary in just about every way imaginable. Knowing your loved one well will normally give you an indication of what type of watch they will be interested in, as some men will prefer a sports watch while others will look for something more elegant. Most watches have an area where it is possible to get initials or a message engraved. There is sufficient room to have a message engraved there, whether it is a simple ‘I love you’ or something more personal to both of you.

These gifts are just a small selection of ideas out of many that are available to give to men for Valentine’s Day. Something a little unusual or unexpected is likely to be much more appreciated than a card and shows that they are being thought about.