Union with the Divine


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Yoga is a generic term used for physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines, originated in ancient India, with a view to attain permanent peace and salvation. It is also known to be defined as “Stilling of the changing states of mind”. Yoga was initially considered as an exercise of the body allowing it to be flexible and of the mind, setting it in a relaxation state. But nowadays, it has gained importance as it has helped in attaining equilibrium between the body, soul and mind which helps one in the case of many fatal diseases such as cancer. Yoga is practiced in yoga studios, fitness clubs at home and schools as well. It helps the younger generation in their ability to concentrate and focus on the problems at hand.

Extending Yoga

Yoga was introduced to the western world in the early 1980s. With more and more people following it as their daily regime, many companies have come up with several yoga related products. Some of them are tween yoga lines, yoga thongs, yoga jeans, chic yoga bags, yoga-inspired jewelry, personalized eco-friendly yoga mats, baby yoga fashion, handbag inspired yoga bags and so on. Yoga is no more a fitness discipline alone, it has spread all over the world and has hence given rise to many companies to host yoga related products.


Yoga Mats

As you include yoga in your everyday life, you feel the necessity of owning a yoga mat. It is a rectangular elongated mat, which spreads on the floor and helps one to accomplish the yoga asanas and other floor exercises as well. The following are its features that will help us understand the specifications of a yoga mat:

· It is a thick foam based mat, made of an eco-friendly fabric.

· The yoga mat is available in colors that are not over-powering in their brightness, which will stimulate the urge to exercise.

· The thickness of a yoga mat is usually between 4mm to 6mm. 4mm is a standard thickness, but the mats thicker than that will provide even more cushion and less strain to one’s knees.

· The cost varies with the quality and the brand that one chooses.

· A yoga mat is multi-purpose; it can be used not only for yoga, but also for other floor exercises.

· It has an anti-slippery nature; hence one can freely perform yogasanas on it with ease.

· Yoga mats come in various natural designs with an embroidered yoga mat bag to complement it.

· Cosco Power, Nivia, Kamachi, Reebok, Kairali, Vector, Yogimat, Trimax are some of the brands of yoga mats sold in the market.

· Low maintenance, as they are very easy to clean.

Good Health Gifts

The trend as in all the areas of life has changed in exchanging gifts also. The boring sweets are side-lined by most of the modern people and are used for the purpose of re-gifting. Also, crockery and show-pieces which were formerly appreciated by the receiver, have now become an obsolete choice. One should set a new trend, gift someone good health! Anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, retirement parties or just like that, gift healthy products to a health nut! There is a variety of health care products to choose from. Some of them are Health check-up packages that one does not do on a regular basis, Handy medical devices such as blood pressure/diabetes monitor, an exercise DVD featuring celebrities, a fruit basket as opposed to chocolates, Yoga Mats for a yoga enthusiast, Spa Treatment, a work-out bag and several others.


Yoga mats are the best gift for a fitness addict. Common yoga mats used in the gym can contain infections. However, if you gift one to a person who does yoga regularly, he/she will be delighted and might start the regime at home instead of going outdoors for yoga. The yoga mat is easy to maintain and can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and soapy water. The mats are available in various attractive colors in an affordable range and if you find them inexpensive, you can always add the fashionable yoga bag to enhance the beauty of your present. It is the best possible gift for aspiring yogis!

By Peter Smith