Soon approaching is Father’s Day on 19th June this year and we usually end up leaving it until the last minute before looking for a present. This year, you could try and be organised and most dads are in (desperate) need of some up-to-date and current mens casual shirts.

This is a great opportunity to bring your dad up to date with a fancy new shirt or a couple of different casual shirts such as the one below.

casual shirt image

Obviously every family is different and a new shirt just might not be quite enough. If this is the case, then maybe you could consider splashing out a bit extra and getting him a fancy new suit. You could probably stealthily check out your dad’s suits in his wardrobe and see if he is in need of a new one (I know mine is.) It’s not always easy with a suit as you may not know the correct size to get him but you can more often than not buy a gift card at a suit tailors. A fresh looking suit such as the one shown below might just be the perfect Father’s Day present.

suit image

This article was written by Ricky May on behalf of Savile Row Co. specializing in a fantastic selection of mens suits.