Giving gift does not only take place when there is an occasion like Christmas season or Valentine’s Day. Ideally, we can offer someone a present whatever time of the year (I usually give my mom a gift for no apparent reason – I just love to buy her something to make her day). Admit it, finding a suitable gift for that special person (family member, friend or partner) often consumes a lot of our time.

gift for grandparents

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Are you planning to give your grandma or grandpa a present? Yes, there are so many items we can think of to give to our grandparents. With a lot of choices to decide on, it is always wise to consider practical gift ideas.

Here are 5 useful items you may take into account.

1. Touch Lamps – As we all know, table lamps serve as secondary source of light in any room they are used. For seniors, having a lamp inside the bedroom is vital to prevent tripping when they need to go somewhere in the middle of the night. On the other hand, it is more convenient for your grandparents to get a touch sensitive lamp. Using a touch lamp, there is no need to press a switch to work. All it needs is a soft tap to turn on or off. Elderly people will surely appreciate the ease of using this type of lighting fixture.

2. Foot Massager – Massage is essential to everybody specifically to senior citizens. There are so many health benefits we can get from it. Gone are the days when you have to bring your grandparents to a massage spa to get the service. Why not buy your grandma or grandpa their own massage device?

A handy massage device such as foot massager is already obtainable in the market. It is very easy to use. With just a few press, your senior can relax while having the massage. Considering that the device is very portable, your grandparents can enjoy a foot massage while sitting at the patio or while watching tv. Massage can help improve health circulation and lessen the risk of dementia. Thus, this item is useful to your seniors.

3. Electric Tin Opener – As we reach the golden age, fact is – we will eventually lose the strength we had during our younger days. Even as simple as opening a can of spaghetti sauce requires a little strength. And, this might be a bit challenging to our grandparents. But with an electric tin opener, your senior will no longer have to worry about opening canned foods. Not unless the cans have ring or tab for easy opening, the tin opener is of great use. Imagine, your elderly will never have to exert much effort to open a can. No sweat! They will just need to press a button.

4. Auto Shut-Off Electric Kettle – Most seniors need hot water for coffee or oatmeal. Regular kettle is quite dangerous for elderly. In some instances, using the typical kind of kettle causes accident like getting hot-water burn. And so to avoid this mishap, an electric kettle with auto shut off is very helpful. After reaching the boiling point, the kettle will automatically shut off, which means less risk of getting burn.

5. Alert Device – Seniors who have health problems can benefit much from those alert devices available in the market, like medical guardian. These alert systems are meant to help seniors inform immediate family or health care firm if there is an emergency. Some alert device are very handy so it is hassle-free. Elderly people can wear it like a necklace or bracelet. By simply pressing a button, your grandma or grandpa can call a help if something bad happen.

Usability is one factor that you should think of when planning to give your grandmother or grandfather a gift. Things they can use instead of just plain decorative. In every single day they use it, they will surely remember you.

Article by Ashley O’connor