Buying jewellery online UK makes it very hard to judge the quality of the item. The main order catalogues have never really solved this problem. Instead, they market their higher quality items with bigger pictures and descriptions. They will then market their lower quality items with small pictures, smaller descriptions and smaller prices. Is it still difficult to judge the quality of the item online? The only way you can judge is to buy it and find out or check online reviews of the products. Most people will not post genuine comments online about higher quality items but they will, certainly, post comments about items that are of poor quality. So, search the internet for articles/forums/comment sections that relate to your chosen jewellery item.


You are better off looking for a jewellery online UK retailer because you are assured a fair compensation, if you have a genuine problem with their product, thanks to the distance selling regulations. You are also far less likely to receive a foreign made piece of cheap tat. Such a retailer is far more likely to stock items of higher quality.

The size of jewellery is hard to judge online. This is why if an advert gives you a measurement, then you need to take out a ruler or tape measure and take a look at how big the item will be in real life. A lot of the time, the item will seem very small in real life but you need to remember two things – firstly, you need to remember that jewellery tends to be small and secondly that a jewellery item might seem small in your hand but if you hold it up to your neck, ear or wrist, it actually looks okay. So, try to keep the size matter in perspective.

If the online retailer is giving you high quality photographic images of the jewellery, then they are probably a safe bet to buy from. Companies that offer overly small photos or photos that are not crisp, clean and clear will often have something to hide. A genuinely good retailer will show you large and clear pictures of their products because they want you to see how great their produces are in the smallest details. On the flip side, a retailer, who is selling shoddy merchandise, will likely want to conceal this fact with poor quality photos. If the retailer offers pictures from different views, then this might also be a signal that they are good and reputable retailers.

Beware of pictures online that claim the product shown is a “representation” of the item they sell. This is often a sign that the merchandise you receive will not be as of high quality as the product you see online. The only retailers, who might rightfully use this saying, are the ones who are selling precious and semi precious stones that are bigger than most stones. This is because a larger stone such as amber and the like will have obvious differences from piece to piece. On the other hand, if the stone in the jewellery is small, then there is no reason why the piece of jewellery needs to differ in any significant way from the others of the same product.

In conclusion, buying jewellery online UK is hard but a little common sense and research need to see you through and help guard you against getting a poor quality item.

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