Among the foremost challenges presented by a canine member of the household is to find a bed that it can learn to love. If your dog is unhappy with the bedding arrangement you have made, then you could find yourself spending the next few days coaxing your pet out from beneath your computer table or your bed that it found more appropriate.

Pet dogs can now be tended to with great care as a plethora of products are available to tend to their needs. Present your dog with a bed that best caters to its interest, keeping in mind factors like size, sleeping preferences and if whether or not you’re pet is a burrower. Many breeds of pet dogs are burrowers – they like their beds to be warm environments that envelope them. If your dog enjoys being tucked in bed, with a warm blanket draped over it, then it is a burrower.

There are a wide range of options for you to choose from to present your dog with a befitting bed. Burrow beds come in various shapes, sizes and styles. They are typically pet beds with a thick cover layer, and a dog can snuggle between the bed and the cover. Some beds ape caves in appearance, only they are softer and customized to hold your pet. Burrowers can knock themselves out making themselves at home in these beds, and getting them out for walks and baths can turn into a challenge.

Pocket pillow beds are good buys for small dogs that are burrowers. Picture a typical rectangular pillow used by humans, and add that an attached cover that serves as a permanent blanket for the dog. Soft and snuggly, your dog is sure to snooze as soon as its head hits the pillow.

Cuddle bags are a hot favorite among dogs and pet owners alike, and are also referred to as trundle bags. Trundle bags can be considered to be multi-purpose contraptions that can serve 3 purposes. When spread out, trundle bags serve as mats that mark your pet’s domain and roosting place. The other two purposes are the different types of sleeping bags that the bag can be folded into, namely sleeping bags and teacup bags. Your pet will help you in deciding that style that it wants, and burrowers are at peace with the comfort of trundle / cuddle bags.

The search for beds for dogs branch out into narrower streams depending on the size and breed of the dog in question. Your budget for this gift for your pet also determines the options available to you, and you can purchase the right beds without compromising on quality at rates ranging between $15 and a couple hundred, as determined by the material and the brand you opt for.

To determine what type of bed a pet may take a liking to, basic knowledge about the psychology of dogs is required, and it has been studied. Knowing the ancestral history of a dog will give you come clues – who are the parents and the grandparents of the pup you bought? Which country or what part of a country did they reside in? Behavioral aspects are also to be observed and analyzed for making the right choices.

Sprawlers, or dogs that love to stretch all over when they plonk down on their beds, will require a bed that provides them ample space to do so. Square, rectangular or oval, the bed provided to it must allow it to stretch out. Also, the interior of your house is not the only factor to be counted when shopping for a bag. Select patterns and colors that are soothing to a dog’s mind – they hate disturbing patterns and materials with the same intensity that you do.

Burrowers, sprawlers or any other category, the health condition of pets must be taken into consideration when purchasing a bed for a dog. Orthopedic beds are a good option for those with ageing pets. Though may pet owners consider orthopedic beds after their pets display signs of aging, it is advisable for those with pet dogs to bring in ortho beds early on to positively influence the health of the pet.

A wide range of specialized beds are now in the market that are targeted at serving specific ends, be it dealing with joint pains or any other medical condition, a comfortable bed and sound sleep can be the solution to many problems.

Spend some time with your pet introducing it to its new bed when you purchase one for it. Though the more active and curious one jump right in, shy dogs will want their wardens to help them climb in and out of beds for the first few times. Special dog steps can also be placed alongside beds if they happen to be too high for a little one.

Taking care of the smaller details will result in a satisfied dog and happy owners of a well nurtured pet.

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Jason Phillips, a dog lover since childhood, is a contributing author to the comprehensive resource guide to the best dog products available online. Click here for more information.