Candles can be great gifts if you use the the right way. In these post you will find candles for Valentine’s day gift ideas and how to use candle presents  for other moments.

First you will need a quality candle source. One of my favorite is Aromatherapy Interventions. Aromatherapy Interventions applies the science of scent to every, mind, mood and moment, creating soy candle gifts of insight and humor, and wonderful atmospheric scents.


Here are the recommended gifts:

#1. Lighten Up


Aromatherapy Interventions Lighten Up Candle is great for creating a romantic atmosphere. Made from rare essential oils will create the sensation you are in the middle of a pine forest in the Pacific Northwest at early dawn.

To get maximum results use this candle on Valentine’s day.

#2. Chill Out


This candle can also be used for romantic moments. The lavender will bring your mind and spirit to balance, and soft notes of cinnamon and eucalyptus will keep you from falling asleep.

#3. Workaholic Candle


The Workaholic Candle will help you recover after a long day of work. Spearmint, lime and an uplifitng basil will give you extra energy. Lemongrass and orange will help your focus.

How to use candle gifts efficiently

  • For an everyday gift, there’s Lighten Up, or Chill Out. These two are recommended for romantic occasions.
  • For birthdays, you can go for Panic, Acceptance, or Wisdom
  • Co-workers that just don’t stop? Give them Workaholic
  • Well wishes? Take a look at Quick Fix.