The initial hand-made Valentine Day’s cards that were printed during the 1800’s were not just for the lovers. As a matter of fact, they celebrated affection between relatives and friends. Esther Howland, a pioneer in the greeting card industry is said to have been charmed with the receipt of an ornate valentine, from a known friend. This led her to import floral and lace decorations from England and to turn them to lacy cards.

Growing importance of valentine cards

With her advertisements in leading newspapers in the city, her business grew quickly, which compelled her to enlist friends for meeting the growing demand. The sales were reported to be over $100,000, a tidy sum, especially for a female entrepreneur. The valentine cards are considered these days to be an expression of appreciation and love, in whichever way, it is chosen, for those beloved in one’s lives.

Suggestions and tips

Dawn Bryan, the author of ‘Etiquette & Art of Gift Giving’ has provided some gift ideas that can be presented on Valentine’s Day and also on other celebrations.

· Importance of selecting the right gift for the friend: This is something vital and should not be overlooked. It is also an opportunity apart from being a challenge. The choice is sure to solidify or establish a friendship, transform it or to end it. Carefully selected gifts are considered to be those, which affirm friendship by acknowledging that the individual is quite aware of the receiver’s tastes and preferences.

· Gift as a solid expression of friendship: Friendship value can be measured, through the gift quality. the gift should appreciate the individual’s likings, special interests and choice.

· Some wonderful gifts for friends: Most friends are likely to understand each other’s issues, problems and worries, including their desires. One can quickly enhance the friendship by addressing his/her requirements with ‘Good-For’, which assures a precious gift, that is talent and time. the individual can run particular errands, clean the garage, organize office or closet, set up yard sales, etc. In fact, it could just be anything that is sure to impress the other person. A gift that can be shared with the friend does communicate the pleasure that one enjoys in friendship.

· Gifting little luxuries on special occasions: These can be anything, relatively inexpensive, luxurious and small. It could be a satin hanger, soft leather diary, calligraphy pen with ink, fine china cups, antiques, or anything that would impress the receiver.

There are also gifts, which can be given at anytime of the year to keep the friendship strong and happening. There are plenty of sites, where the individual can log on and browse through the different segments and categories that are interesting and sure to appeal the receiver. In case, the individual stays in a place that is far away from the friend, then, it is possible to engage sites that offer gift delivery by post on the specified date and time, to make the occasion more special and to be praised by the receiver.

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