What are the best gifts that one can give to others? There are many things that one can give to others, but the gift items that you give to others need to be sensible. That means they should be of some use to them. Otherwise there will be no use of giving such a gift to anyone. So what are the different gift items that you can give to your loved ones on special occasions? Let us see in detail.


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If the person whom you want to give a gift is a student, it is better to give him/her a book or a pen as a gift. That will be of a lot of use to the students. Along with that, it is also important to know which subject that particular student is studying. This is very important to know which book to present them. If you don’t know the exact subject which the student is studying, presenting them a general knowledge book would be the best choice because that will be of a lot of use to any student who is studying in any of the subjects.

Laptops are also the items that you can present to anyone you want. They too are the best things to give as a gift to the students who are there in high school or college. A laptop is a wonderful machine with the help of which you can perform a large number of different activities. You can get internet connection to your laptop and that will help to get the information of anything in the world.

Giving laptop parts as a gift will also help to establish the relationship with them. What are the parts of the laptop that you can gift? It’s very difficult to decide which part of the laptop you can give as a gift. In fact, laptop is a complete gadget and there is nothing that you can give as an additional part in the form of gift. The only things that you can give as gift are CDs, DVDs or pen drives which work as secondary storage devices.

Laptop batteries can also be given as gift. Laptops work properly only when the battery of the laptop is in good condition. Battery of the laptop commonly gets damaged after a couple of years. The most important reason for this is that many people don’t use their laptops in the proper way. They use them many times while charging them. That will seriously affect the performance of the battery, because the battery gets overcharged and that will destroy the battery very quickly and within a couple of years, you need to replace the battery.

So while gifting any of your friend, there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind. They include the age, sex and interests of the person to whom you are giving the gift. They will surely help you to establish a healthy relationship with the person and that will make you a gift friend!

Article by Smith Baldwin