Recycling your old mobile phone is not only good for the environment. It could even bring in a little bit of extra cash. It is easy to do and it does not even matter what make of phone you are selling. The important thing is that it is still in working order with a useable battery.

To sell your old mobile all you need to do is take some simple steps. Take a note of the name or IMEI number of the phone you want to dispose of and go online to find out what your phone is worth. If you do not know your phone’s IMEI number, enter •#06# into a working handset and it will appear on the screen. Then type the number when you are prompted on a phone recycling website.

Post your phone

If your phone passes the test, you will be sent a jiffy bag to post it to the phone recycling company. You may not need to include the charger but if you no longer have a need for it, the phone recycling company will dispose of it for you. Alternatively you could try selling it on an online auction site as there is a quite a market for old chargers. The advantage of selling your old phone with an online phone recycling company is that the rates of pay are usually better than when you trade-in your old phone at a high street retailer.

Once the jiffy bag arrives it is a good idea to send your phone recorded, signed-for delivery so that you can be sure that it arrives safely. Although this will cost a little extra, approximately a further 74p, it will mean that your old phone will be insured up to a value of £41. Whether yo are looking to part company with your old Blackberry Curve, Samsung Galaxy or get cash for your HTC here make sure it is carefully packaged so as not to damage it.

Remove all your data

Send the phone fully charged but switched-off. Do not include the sim or memory card and remove any security or pin codes. To do this select the ‘reset factory settings’ function on the menu of your phone. It is also important that you remove all your contacts, emails, texts and other private data to ensure the information remains in safe hands.

Occasionally some very badly damaged phones are not accepted. If yours is one of these you will be contacted and may be offered a reduced price for your phone. If you do not accept your handset will be returned to you free of charge.

Lots of organisations now offer a phone recycling service. It is popular with charities as well as phone retailers. It is important that you check the small print so that you understand how the system works and how much you can expect. If successful it is a handy way of earning a little extra cash as well as preventing another old phone from being buried in a landfill site.

Article by Sandra Johnstone