I’m happy. I have found a new great gift idea: custom art design.

Custom art gifts

It is simple to create great family gifts: you just need some quality photos and some imagination. The custom design service will help you with the creative part; you will have simple to edit templates and you can see real family art examples to make the custom presents.

After the gift is made it can by deliver as:

  • digital image (on your email). You can put the image on a digital photo frame if you have one.
  • small or large prints. I think this will produce the maximum effect if you gift is for someone older or not tech savvy.
  • greetings cards. Great for holidays.

To give you an idea what you can create take a look at the template design galley.

Few ideas how and when you can use custom art design as a present:

  • romantic gift to show your love
  • new born baby gift
  • family portrait
  • greeting cards
  • anniversaries gift for couples