In today post I will show you 2 new Christmas toys.

#1. Play N’Go Table

Play N Go Table

This gift is recommended for the 1 to 3 year old range.

The kids will love it because it offers super fun activities. The Play ‘n Go Table boasts stickers with which to create fun scenery, plus a friendly figurine and cool car to whip about the colorful and picturesque town.

This toy includes 20 pieces so you kid will have hours of fun playing with it.

Play ‘n Go Features:

  • Fold and go pony stable with building prongs
  • 3-in-1 toy offering building platform, portability and storage
  • 4 fun scenes, stickers, figurine and animals
  • 10 big, soft and colorful blocks
  • Stimulates imagination and discovery of shapes, colors and sizes

#2. Halo Wars – Aerial Ambush play set

Halo Wars - Aerial Ambush play set

Halo Wars Aerial Ambush is a great toy for active kids 8 years old and up.

I wish I had this when I was a kid because this toy is fantastic. With a massive 376-piece box set, children can build the replica vehicles or customize their own.

This toy is complete with moving pieces such as VTOL engines, cockpit and guns.

Halo Wars – Aerial Ambush play set Features:

  • Popular Xbox 360 real-time strategy video game theme
  • UNSC Hawk and Covenant Banshee combat vehicles
  • Special building blocks with new camouflage effect
  • 4 miniature action figures (1UNSC Flame Marine, 1 UNSC Spartan, 1 Covenant Elite, 1 Covenant Grunt) with weapons
  • Authentic collector’s series