There are many details to consider and plan for as you prepare for your upcoming wedding day. While you may spend a considerable amount of time choosing the right dress, working with the caterer to plan the menu and making other major decisions to prepare for a perfect day, you don’t want to overlook those smaller but infinitely important details that might otherwise fall through the cracks. Customizable wedding favors for your guests can add that perfect touch of personalized charm to your day, and there are several accessories and gifts that can be customized according to your preference.

Customizable Wedding Favors For The Perfect Day

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Wine Glasses

Everyone loves wine glasses, and your guests will love to receive these items that have been engraved with your new family name, your first names or your wedding date. Consider different styles, such as stemless wine glasses, for unique flair.

Lip Palm

Men and women alike can use lip balm to moisturize dry lips, and you can purchase personalized lip balm in a wide range of flavors and colors. The label on these lip balm packages can be customized with details about your wedding, a special image or something else that is relevant to your big day.

Playing Cards

If you are a fun-loving couple, you may consider giving your guests themed playing cards as a gift. These cards can be used often by those who receive them. When you personalize them with details about your wedding, your guests will remember your big event fondly each time they play with the cards.


If you are planning an outdoor wedding, such as in a courtyard or at a beach, your guests may appreciate a thoughtful wedding gift of sunscreen in a customized bottle. Many of your guests may not have thought about bringing or applying sunscreen, so this gift can be used and appreciated immediately.

Personal Apparel

Another idea is to purchase personal apparel and customize it. For example, for the guys, you can purchase neckties that are monogrammed with their names or the date of the event from For the ladies, monogrammed scarves or hair ribbons can be purchased.

These are just a few of the many gift ideas available for you to consider for your wedding day. The gifts that you give your guests will thank them for attending your wedding and celebrating your special day with you, and they also can serve as a reminder to them of the day that is so meaningful to you. Consider these or other personalized wedding favors as gifts for your guests.

By Jayla Barnsen