The special athlete in your life could use some gifts to enhance his or her athletic training. Special equipment makes their training more enjoyable and safer. From recovery tools to performance enhancers, your athlete will appreciate the gifts you give them. Try these five gift ideas for birthdays, holidays, and general appreciation.

Five Gift Ideas For The Athlete In Your Life

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Athletic Kinesio Tape

One of the first items in your shopping cart should be StrengthTape’s kinesio tape. Your athlete will need to keep stability in his or her joints, tendons, and muscles while they are performing their routines. StrengthTape’s kinesio tape stretches more and offers more support than other athletic tapes. The tape is a suitable replacement for a brace because it does not limit range of motion.

New Water Bottle

A new water bottle could make a great gift for an athlete as well. You could especially look for one that helps the athlete keep track of how much water they have had to drink each day. Proper hydration is very important to the success and health of the athlete. Choose a bottle that holds about 32 ounces of water.

Duffel Bag

A duffel bag will serve your athlete well when they have to travel for games and competitions. Make sure to get a bag that can comfortably hold all of their belongings while maintaining durability. An athlete will appreciate a quality bag that they can use to carry their stuff around with them. You could even find bags that have special areas where the athlete can keep their water bottle without getting everything else wet.

Mouth Guard

A mouth guard makes a perfect gift for any athlete. Protecting the teeth is important during athletic competition. Sports are fun, but nobody wants to risk losing teeth. With more information out there today about concussions, it’s also still important to have a quality mouth guard to help combat brain damage. Your special athlete will thank you for this important piece of equipment.

New Shoes

You could finally take your athlete out to an athletic shoe store and have them fitted for new shoes. Quality footwear is always important for athletic competitions. Your athlete needs to be comfortable and prepared to take on anything they encounter when they play or perform. New shoes make great gifts for those who participate in sports.

Following these five tips for great gifts will help you stay in good standing with your athlete. You can let them know just how much you care by purchasing some of these important items for their needs.

By Rianne Hunter