Are your friends enjoy preparing good meals? Do they love to drink quality
beer or fine wines?

If the answer is yes, we have some great gift ideas for you.

John Boos Cucina Diner

Gift ideas for the ones who love cooking 5

John Boos Cucina Diner is an infrared, single burner mobile cook top station made especially for the ones who want to cook everywhere.

This mobile cooking station can be use indoor to prepare or to keep food hot or outdoor, if you have a big car you can take it with you at picnics.

John Boos Cucina Diner represents the optimal way to make fondue recipes.

Copper Cookware Set (8 Pieces)

Gift ideas for the ones who love cooking 6

This cooking set will integrate perfectly in any kitchen. You can prepare a large variety of foods with it.

The Copper Cookware Set is made form 18/10 stainless-steel interior, reinforced non-drip edge which strengthens pan. The set includes: 9-1/2″ Casserole, 9-1/2″ Lid, 8-1/8″ sauce pan, 7-1/8″ lid, 9-1/2″ flared sauce pan, 9-1/2″ lid, 11″ brazier, 11″ lid.

Little Tavern Wine Cooler

A good food demands a good drink! Cold beer of whine is great to have at the end of a delicious meal.

The Avanti Appliances Little Tavern Wine Cooler maintains optimum temperature and humidity for 16 wine bottles or over 2 cases of 12 oz. cans. The cooler has an auto defrost system so you don’t need to do it yourself.