According to recent survey the most wanted pieces of jewelry by women are the engagement rings.

It is every women dream to have the engagement ring on her finger and to accept the proposal of the men she loves.

engagement ring

There are many models of engagement rings but the most popular materials are yellow and white gold and platinum.

The stones are usually diamonds because diamond rings are the symbol of durability, love and engagement.  However you can find engagement rings which use stones like: ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz and amethyst. In the image below you have a beautiful engagement ring with a ruby.

engagement ring with ruby

Another type of ring wanted by women are the eternity rings. The eternity ring symbolize the constant devotion of a couple in love.

eternity ring

The endless or eternal loop of the eternity ring has always represented eternal love and commitment, the origin of which can be traced back as far as 4000BC. In our days eternity rings are also used to mark anniversaries and can either be worn alongside the wedding and engagement ring or can be used to replace the wedding ring.