For this Halloween I recommend a fancy costume for getting all the attention and having fun with friends.

The best Halloween costumes are sold extremely fast so if you like a model order it as quickly as possible.


The retro style is back so don’t be surprised when you will see people wearing a 70s fancy dress. You can use costumes which are going to take you back to the 1970’s. The 70’s fancy dress is still the most popular choice for Halloween and parties, simply because it brings such much fun.

Because the 70s style is not my thing I will opt for 80s fancy dress for this Halloween. I think I will go for a Super Mario costume since this was my favorite game when I was a kid.


Funny costume isn’t is?

I prefer the 80’s outfits because they are funny and colorful just see the wig from the image placed below.


Definitely the 80s are my style.