Looking for a way to reward the hard workers in your company? Show them your appreciation with one of these fun and unique gifts sure to motivate all your employees to work a little harder.

Employee of the Month  5 Fun Gifts to Give Your Company's Top Producers

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Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant

All the hard work your top employees put in sometimes keeps them away from their families. Make up for their missed time with a gift certificate for dinner at a nice restaurant. Nothing says “You deserve some appreciation for all your hard work” like a thick steak and a glass of wine.

Gift of the Month Club Membership

For the employee who keeps giving and giving, how about a gift that keeps giving and giving? With a membership to one of the many monthly gift clubs that have popped up lately, such as Great Clubs, your employees will be rewarded for their hard work month after month. With several unique options available including flower, pizza and chocolate of the month clubs, you are sure to find something perfect for any top-notch employee.

A Room with a View

Has your hard working employee logged a lot of hours in a cramped cubicle? Reward them by moving them to a new office with a window. After spending many hours in their office, they would surely appreciate a window to look out of every now and then when their eyes start to glaze over from staring at a screen all day.

Lottery Tickets

For a truly fun and exciting gift, what about lottery tickets? Hand your prized employees a small stack of lottery tickets and a quarter and let them experience the anticipation of scratching off the numbers and the thrill of winning. Just don’t be surprised if they win big and miss work on Monday!

A Day Off

Speaking of a day off, perhaps the best gift of all for someone who has really spent a lot of time in the office would be a day off. Give your employees the chance to do the fun thing they never have the time to do, whether it is golfing, canoeing, or just reading a book in peace and quiet. If that is not an option, the ability to leave early on a Friday afternoon or come in late on a Monday would also be greatly appreciated.

Not only are these rewards fun to give, but your employees will love receiving them. Turn your work place into a fun and rewarding work environment by offering these fun incentives to your best employees today!

By Kathrine Kreger