Buying presents can certainly be a lot of fun; However, it can be difficult when you don’t know what to get. Buying presents for the same people almost promises you’ll get stuck in a rut at some point. If you’re looking to purchase a present for someone like a doctor, there are some golden rules to abide by. Here are some great ideas if you’re in the market for a present meant for a psychologist 🙂


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New Office Supplies
Chances are, your psychologist family member or friend spends a lot of time in the office. Work to make these moments more enjoyable by providing him or her with cool, new office supplies. You could opt for shiny new filing cabinets, or you could get a new container for business cards. For those who are very close with a psychologist, a framed photo is a lovely idea.

Gift Card Ideas

Some people say that gift cards aren’t the greatest presents, but they let the recipient pick out what he or she wants. When you are acquainted with a busy psychologist, this person is likely running to-and-fro and doesn’t have a lot of time for meals. Find out what coffee shops and restaurants are located near the practice. Getting a quick and cheap meal or cup of coffee will certainly bring a smile to the psychologist’s face.

Legends in Psychology

Has this person ever mentioned a favorite psychologist? Do you notice that your friend tends to read a lot of material from one particular person? If this is the case, look into some gifts that exemplify icons in psychology. For example, you might end up purchasing a gift depicting Adler or Skinner. Whatever the case may be, make sure that you don’t select something too controversial or out there, unless you’re SURE they’re a fan.

A Day Trip

Imagine that you had to spend your days tackling really tough and serious issues. The psychologist is likely quite happy to do so, but it will be refreshing for him or her to get away from the mental clutter for awhile. Plan a day trip for the two of you. It can be on one of the psychologist’s vacation days, or it can occur during a scheduled day off. Let him or her know where you’re going or allow them to pick it out. You might even want to go on a surprise destination where he or she does not find out what place it is until you arrive.

Reading Material

As a psychologist, your family member or friend probably does a lot of reading. Look into a collection of magazines or journals, or you could pick up some books for the individual. If this person has always said how much he or she wants a subscription to a particular magazine for psychologists, the time has arrived to buy a gift subscription! Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones recipients practically come up with by themselves.

Choosing gifts for a psychologist might seem a little bit difficult at first, but their tastes probably aren’t too different from what any other scientist or healthcare provider would want – for more info on the ins and outs of a life in the health careers, check out

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