Recent trends in 2009 and 2010 were for couples to ask for money towards a honeymoon, with fuel costs and air taxes rising, holidays are becoming less affordable. Simply depositing money into a couple’s fund can feel impersonal and uninspired. Another trend for some years now has been online gift lists with particular department stores such as John Lewis or Debenhams. Guests choose from a shopping list on a first come first serve basis. This can be frustrating for those with less time or that aren’t internet savvy, because if you don’t get in quick with your purchase, usually all that’s left to buy on the list is the equivalent 4 spoons or a CD rack.


Being imaginative with a wedding gift can really show the couple you care and have thought about them, as well as leaving them with something great to enjoy or remember. Experience days vouchers make a fantastic gift, as they can be used at the couples leisure and also give the newlyweds a chance to do something fun and exciting together on a day out.

A great place to be inspired by and to buy experience based gift vouchers is Kelkoo Select. There is a different offer available each day, so subscribing to their daily deals email is a great and effortless way to keep informed and find the perfect gift. With a variety of ideas and large discounts, your present buying budget will go far. From romantic meals at exclusive restaurants, couples spa days, adventurous boat rides, golf lessons and more, there’s plenty to choose from for the less adventurous couples, there’s also the opportunity to save money on fashion and luxury products such as Swarovski.