Back then, traditional fireplaces were very popular. These expensive fireplaces were installed into one’s home with great detail and careful installation. However, reports of burned down homes and lives lost due to fires have been reported, with the old fireplace as the culprit for some of the cases. What usually happens is that someone forgot to properly turn off the fire coming from the burnt wood inside the fireplace. One small spark is enough to trigger a full-scall fire inside one’s home.


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Now that is one scenario that you don’t want to see in your home.

Most people are so into electrical fireplaces nowadays. I mean, who wouldn’t? All you do is just plug the electric fireplace unto a wall socket and you can start warming up your house during the cold, winter days. And because there are a variety of fireplaces all over the world, I’ve collected some of the best designed fireplaces ever. Some of these are electrical fireplaces while some are traditional ones that have been designed intricately. Don’t ask about the price tag; I’m pretty sure that most of these are very expensive!

But hey, if you want to shower a relative or a loved one with a very expensive and lavish gift, then perhaps you might want to take a look at some of these lovely electric fireplaces.

5. The Gold Standard – This particular fireplace is not attached unto a wall; it’s a stand alone fireplace, so just move it to a suitable location. This golden fireplace runs on ethanol, so there’s no need for a chimney. The gold colored plating inside the fireplace reflects the heat, therefore directing heat to the direction where you need to get warm.

4. Widescreen Fireplace – Attika Feuer introduced a new type of electrical fireplace that goes widescreen. It has a modern design with a fresh feel on it. This one is perfect for houses with really big living rooms, but I have to say that this fits for someone who has a big budget for fireplaces.

3. The Giant IPod Fireplace – Yes, it is a fireplace in the shape of a giant IPod. This elegant, yet strange looking fireplace from Safretti looks like it was inspired by Apple’s most famous gadget, but I am quite skeptical if I was asked whether I’d want to get one. I just can’t see a flaming IPod in my home right now.

2. The Ergonomic Branch Effect Fireplace – For the nature-lovers, the ergonomic branch fireplace is a perfect fit for your home. Somebody once told me that the color green adds more heat to the flames; I don’t know if this is exactly true, but if you buy this particular fireplace, then you’ll most likely find out.

1. The Fireplace Bot – This round electrical fireplace is perhaps the best, when it comes to the design. It runs on ethanol, with the fire mechanism placed in the middle. Looking at the fireplace while it was burning is too awesome. However, you’ll have to prepare a lot of money if you want to buy this fantastic fireplace!

So there you have it! If you want a fireplace that does not take too much place and is very safe for home use, then I would suggest that you buy the electric fireplaces. The designs don’t cost that much and there are some with really cool designs that will fit right in your home!

Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California.