Restaurants that offer takeout as well as dine in services must come up with creative ways of letting customers know they are open for business. Many restaurant owners create door hangers that advertise their cuisine as well as their excellent service. There are several things a restaurant owner can do to make his or her door hanger design stand out from the crowd!

Colorful Images

One thing that a restaurant owner can do is include images of delicious food on the door hanger. For instance, if the restaurant is known for its tasty burgers, then an image of a juicy burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese and pickles would be an ideal choice. Or, if a restaurant is known for its pizza, then an image of a delectable pizza surrounded by fresh ingredients would be a great choice. In short, an appealing image goes a long way to persuading a potential customer to give a restaurant a try. One option for a restaurant owner looking for a way to make an attractive door hanger is

Highlighting Low Prices

The second thing a restaurant owner can do to get the attention of potential customers is to highlight a low price on the door hanger. A low price can be the deciding factor for someone who has been on the fence about trying the restaurant. A door hanger with highlighted prices makes it easy for potential customers to decide whether they want to sample the services of an eatery.

A Logo That’s Easy to Identify

A restaurant owner who uses a particular logo on his or her signs, menus and takeout bags can incorporate it into the design of a door hanger. This helps more people become familiar with the logo. Plus, current customers who receive a door hanger will know exactly who put it on their door when they spot the logo. For an ambitious restaurant owner, a door hanger is a simple, yet effective method of advertising.

Finally, restaurant owners who decide to create door hangers may want to make changes to the design every so often in order to stay fresh in the minds of potential customers. A memorable door hanger grabs the attention of potential customers and pops into their mind the next time they are looking for a good place to enjoy a meal.