This funny gift ideas is for people who love a good beer. The Talking Beer Glass is a device that falls under the cool stuff you never knew you needed category.

Funny gift Talking Beer Glass 3

As you sip your fine ale and concentrate on the game, the glass can warn you that you are imminent danger of finishing your beer with one of three standard warnings:

  • “Your beer is running dangerously low.”
  • “Refill immediately – danger of sobering up.”
  • “Cheers!”  if you don’ have any friends to enjoy the game with.

Of course we’d like a few extra warnings such as:

  • “Your beer’s getting warm finish it quickly.”
  • “Don’t drink this one, you’ve put out a cigarette in it.”

And the comforting:

  • “Don’t worry, there’s still another bottle in the fridge!”

The Talking Beer Glas cost $28 at

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